Ghillie Suit Glam

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather here lately has been all over the place, hot and cold, rainy then sunny. I’ve been having to check the weather every morning just to make sure my outfit will be comfortable and even then by the end of the day I’m shedding or adding layers. This outfit, though the sweater may be a bit warm for spring, is an example of layering for the days when you’re really not sure what the weather will do. 

I love the fringe on this sweater, even though my husband picks at me and calls it my ghillie suit. I’ll admit, once I looked up what a ghillie suit was, I could see how the sweater has a ghillie kinda vibe but I don’t hate it! 



What I Caught:

  1. Formation Design Studio plaid dress (
  2. Free People fringe sweater (I got mine at T.J.Maxx for $29.99!)
  3. J.Crew denim sling back pumps 
  4. Express clutch (I got mine at Rugged Warehouse for $5.99!)
  5. J.Crew necklace and rings (

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Plaid On Plaid

Lately life has been busy. Schedules have been hectic, the constantly changing weather has kept so many of us under the weather, and in fact, I have the time to write this post because my husband and I were supposed to have dentist appointments that I forgot about, thus making us very late and therefore causing me to miss mine and sit in the waiting room for my husband’s appointment to finish. We’ve been busy. To top it all off, my husband and I have been house hunting. For some of you style lovers, house hunting sounds like fun. My sisters both enjoy looking at houses as well as some of my best friends but for me, it’s a chore- a chore that I haven’t enjoyed. It’s overwhelming to me, trying to figure out what the non-negotiables are and what you can work with, finding what makes sense for the money, liking a house and then getting beat to the punch by someone else… It’s just a lot, it’s busy. 

In much the same way, for people who don’t love to shop, or who don’t enjoy putting together an outfit, or who honestly just aren’t really sure where to start, plaid on plaid could seem busy but it all depends on the plaids you’re putting together. For me, I chose two relatively neutral plaids with similar base colors, that weren’t super small print with my lighter fabric on top. I added the neon pink belt because with so much fabric, I felt it needed to be broken up so that it wouldn’t make me look wide. Adding a skinny belt can actually narrow the waistline when wearing blousy dresses. (A different color belt could work as well, even a more neutral brown like the booties would work but I only have two belts so my options were limited). Sometimes you just have to try something on to see if it is going to work well, it never hurts to try something on. Life can get busy but your outfits don’t have to be, even if you are mixing prints and patterns😉. 


What I Caught: 

1. Plaid dress (underneath). I got mine from Marshalls for $15. (See a similar style below with link to purchase :)) Plaid dress for sale!

2. Formation Design plaid dress (on top).

3. J.Crew collection brown leather booties 

(Metropolitan suede ankle boots on sale now at J.Crew! Pictured below, also come in black. Metropolitan suede ankle boots)
4. J.Crew skinny neon pink belt (See below: similar skinny belt by J.Crew with link to purchase:)) J.Crew skinny white belt


5. J.Crew necklace (See below, the J.Crew necklace I am currently coveting with a link to all their jewelry because it’s just the sparkliest!) J.Crew jewelry


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Catch of the Week!!

I’ve mentioned before that my husband is an avid bass fisherman- obviously, I fish for fashion;) Whenever I come home with a really exciting deal that I got, my man is always so patient and takes the time for me to tell him about all the good deals I got before he jokingly asks, “So you caught ya a 10-pounder, huh?” (he’s country and talks even more country whenever he speaks fishing, trust me, it’s a language).  I’ve caught some real fashion finds before but every once in a while I come across one that makes my heart race and the endorphins in my brain go nuts! This was one of those catches. 

Catch of the Week: rag & bone Bradberry large leather flap hobo 


The story:

My mom and I were in T.J.Maxx shopping around, not really looking for anything in particular, when I walked over to the sale section of purses and noticed this bag. From the first look I could tell it was a nice bag but then I felt the leather and was afraid to look at the price tag. I looked around a bit and noticed that it was a rag & bone, which made me even more afraid to find the price tag. After I had searched thoroughly, I realized the tag was gone so I decided to ask for an associate to find the price. Now, everything in me knew that a bag like this, even on sale at T.J.Maxx would probably be going for around $200, which I was not willing to pay, but it never hurts to ask! So, I took it to the front and as they looked around for a price tag I decided a number in my head that I would be willing to pay, and to be honest it was a ridiculous number because there’s really no way it should sell for less than $100-$150 on sale… And that would have either meant it had been on sale for a while OR that there was something wrong with it. The associate comes back with a “comparable bag” and she looks at me and says, “Will $39.99 work?”. “Will it work,” I thought, “Will it WORK?!”. A calm, cool, Sure,” is what I said but on the inside I was leaping, jumping, and probably doing a little happy dance. 

Lesson: It never hurts to ask.

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Playing Dress Up

Everyone has different life experiences. My personal experience of childhood was amazing. My family, my friends, everything… When I reminisce about that time in my life, I have the fondest of memories. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was play dress up, which now, flash forward, explains my passion for fashion😀. *side note: my sister’s favorite thing to do when we were little was decorate and re-decorate her doll houses and look through floor plan magazines- FLOORPLAN MAGAZINES! I love my sister so much, but on the real, I thought she was strange for enjoying that😂 but it all makes sense now that she’s an architect and amazing interior designer*. It’s so cool to see that the things we are passionate about as kids become a part of our future. What a lesson that is, even to me… Never discount the dreams of a child. 



What I Caught:

1. Formation Design Studio dress (

2. Somedays Lovin denim jacket (Get yours HERE, on sale now!)

3. Calvin Klein satin pumps (I found mine at T.J.Maxx for $24.99!)

4. J.Crew pearl necklace (J.Crew sells a similar one HERE)

5. Express clutch (I got mine from Rugged Warehouse for $5.99!) *Look how awesome you can make a cheap clutch look when you pair it with the right outfit:)
Here’s my baby girl playing dress up too!😂 

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Christmas on Display

Outfit #4

I love this outfit…and I have my moms to than for it! My mom got me this jacket for Christmas and my mother-in-law got me the boots! Needless to say, they both have great taste. What’s so great about each of the main pieces of this outfit are the details. Details can make or break an outfit. Everything from the gold hardware on the jacket, to its texture, to the rough cut hemline of the dress, down to the leather and stitching on the boots- every part of an item of clothing has a purpose. Actually, in my opinion, if a designer isn’t interested in every little detail of their line, they really aren’t a designer as much as they are a clothes maker. 

Outfits like these are great for the fall and the spring, where it’s not super cold but just chilly enough to need some tall boots with your dress. (*the day we took these pictures was not the perfect day for this outfit- I was freezing!:))


What I caught: 

1. Formation Design Studio dress (

2. J.Crew plush fleece teddy jacket (Get yours HERE but hurry, it’s on sale and there are few sizes left!)

3. Madewell tally boot in English saddle (Get yours HERE but hurry, they’re also on sale with only a few sizes left!)

4. Le Mos long Georgia necklace in gold (Get yours HERE!) 

5. Le Mos Selby earrings in gold (Get yours HERE. They are on sale!)

6. J.Crew gold rings (J.Crew jewelry)
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Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Outfit #3

Ever noticed how easy it can be to slip into ordinary? Sometimes being other than ordinary can be a lonely place because it seems like one of the loneliest places there is is to be misunderstood. While everyone is preaching originality and uniqueness the truth is we all want a place within those walls where we can belong. I’ve felt it and I’m sure, if you were honest, so have you. There are times when our desire to fit in outweighs our desire to disrupt the ordinary. Sometimes going against the norm can feel like the most vulnerable place to be. Belonging and originality are not separate entities forever destined to be opposing ends of a magnet. When we truly love one another we create space for each of us to be uniquely ourselves in a place where we belong, a place of kindness and caring. 

All that to say, this outfit is a bit out of the ordinary (for North Carolina at least😂) and that’s okay. Be who you were made to be and make a place where love abounds and everyone, unique in their own way, can belong. 


What I Caught: 

1. Formation Design Studio dress (

2. Truly Madly Deeply top from Urban Outfitters (HERE is a link to all of the Truly Madly Deeply tops on Urban Outfitters.)

3. Minnetonka fringe boots (HERE is a link to all of Minnentonka’s boots on their site.)

4. TOPSHOP earrings (HERE is a link to all of TOPSHOP’s jewelry)
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Ooo ooo ooo, Honey

Outfit #2!!! 

This is an easy way to make a dress into a comfy errand outfit. If you’re in a rush or just needing something comfy to wear around, add a jacket and a pair of tennis shoes to a casual dress and you’re good to go! Dresses like this one are actually great for shopping and trying on clothes without all the hassle of zippers, buttons, tank tops, etc. 

Now, let’s talk leather. I love having a leather jacket, it goes with just about anything! It’s definitely a good staple to keep in your closet. Free People and Anthropologie carry some really awesome faux leather goods that look and feel so real if you’re looking for a cheaper option. 


What I Caught: 

1. Formation Design Studio plaid dress (

2. Ashley B leather jacket (I actually got mine from Rugged Warehouse for $49.99! Ashley B leather jackets usually go for upwards of $500 so here are a few more sensible options below)

TOPSHOP faux leather jacket– $90

Nasty Gal vegan leather jacket– $118

Urban Outfitters faux leather jacket– $159

3. Adidas tennis shoes (I got mine for around $30 from Amazon! They have since sold out but here are some other great options below)

Adidas superstar shoe– $80

Keds originals– $45

4. Hellion live forever earrings (Get yours HERE) $25 These are customizable in lots of different colors. 


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